A Few Shampoo Alternatives

I haven’t washed my hair in about a year. Well, at least not with commercial shampoo. Ive just poured dirt and vinegar all over it instead….  Seriously. No, my hair does not look gross. It has never been happier.

When you first launch into the famous “no poo” method, your hair will go into shock. Most people complain of excessively greasy hair for about two weeks. Your hair is going through a detox from all the chemicals built up from shampoos, conditioners, hairspray, ect. Understandably, this is not something anyone is anxious to deal with.  (Going to work with your hair looking like you poured a bottle of olive oil on your head? No thanks!)
Try using these methods to help speed the transition along and to cut that greasy scalp.

A good brush makes a world of difference. I highly recommend a boar bristle brush.  You can brush your hair just like you always do but I think you will be impressed by the benefits of  “The proper way to use a boar bristle brush.”

Boar brushes – naturally condition hair, reduce tangles and frizz, stimulate the scalp, and reduce the frequency of washings.

My girls love this brush. They always ask me to use “the special brush” to do their hair because it doesn’t hurt. Brushing their hair used to be cause for many tears, but after implementing the no poo method and using this brush, it’s a breeze. And no more tears.
Start bent over with your nose mashed against your knees… Or just right in front of them… Brush from the nape of your neck straight down to the end of your hair. You will only be brushing the back of your hair at this point. Brush for a good ten or fifteen strokes and then flip your body upright. Standing straight now. Ok, start at the front (where your hair meets your forehead) and brush straight back, working your way down one side to your ear, then to the other ear, always brushing straight back and starting at the hairline. Brush all the way to the ends. Do this for about fifteen strokes and then bend over and repeat the whole thing again. You can repeat once or twice. This distributes the oil evenly all the way to the ends, conditioning it naturally. It also provides added volume. The first time I did this I was surprised to see that my hair looked glued to my scalp with oil, even though I had washed it that morning. Yuck. I promptly washed it again.  I brush my hair like this at night and now, even if it looked a little bit greasy after brushing, by morning it looks clean and fresh again! Love it.
A good way to wash your hair and remove the oil build up is to use baking soda. I wouldn’t do this very often as it’s a bit too harsh on your hair, but at first, it’s very helpful. I actually use this wash on my kids hair maybe once a month or so to get a good clean.
Shake about 2 Tablespoons of baking soda into a full glass of warm water. Stir to dissolve and pour over wet hair. Repeat if needed. Scrub fingers gently through hair and rinse well.

My favorite hair wash is my bentonite clay recipe. Mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and water. Mix with clay. It should be the texture of yogurt. How much you use depends on the amount of hair you have. Experiment. Wet hair, and gently rub clay mixture throughout, focusing on scalp. Wait five to fifteen minutes and then rinse. Don’t let it dry in your hair. Also don’t allow any metal to come in contact with the clay. Use as often as needed. This really cuts the grease and add incredible volume. It a very effective detox and super deep clean. You shouldn’t need to worry about that scary greasy stage with this wash. I would try to get away with going as long as possible between washing, though, to allow your hair to figure out life without shampoo as quickly as possible.

I usually follow up a washing with an apple cider vinegar or rosemary infusion rinse to condition and add shine. For the vinegar rinse I put about 4 tablespoons vinegar in a full glass of lukewarm water. I like to add essential oils at this point. I use lavender and rosemary for their shine, and for the fact that they help speed up hair growth. My favorite rise is the rosemary one though. When I use these rinses my hair hardly tangles at all!

After my hair adjusted to the no poo method I was able to limit my number of washings. In my morning shower I use the water to literally “pull” the oil from my scalp. While holding my head under the spray I gently drag my fingers from the scalp to the ends of my hair, starting at the front and working my way back. It doesn’t take too long and that is enough to thoroughly clean my hair and leave it soft and shiny. After about a week my hair looks like it could use a little something more and that’s when I use one of my wash recipes. I do this with my kids hair as well.

My hair looks healthier than ever and is so much more manageable. It no longer feels dry at the ends and oily at the scalp. It seems thicker and is growing faster as well, which I love!

I love my detangling and growth inhancer herbal rinse. Give it a try!

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