About Me

Homesteading is full of harvesting…

I’m a homesteading, homeschooling, DIY-ing, Real Food eating Wife and Mama. I’m working to heal and recover from Lyme disease, (in remission, but left considerable damage in its wake) mold poisoning, a wrecked pituitary gland -which trashes my hormones, and Chiari Malformation. Chiari is a condition where your brain sits too low in the skull, descending into the atlas (bone the holds the brain stem) squeezing the brain stem and compromising the spinal cord, blocking blood flow and oxygen to vital organs. Spinal fluid flow is severely limited causing it to build up the brain.


We are all on a journey, and mine is full of harvesting. Reaping the harvest from the hard work of raising and homeschooling children, and though I am only 9 years into that harvest, it is bountiful indeed! I am so blessed. Harvesting the vegetables and fruit that grow so laboriously, and colorfully, in our gardens. Harvesting the honey that Hubby works for, sometimes painfully, taking such good care of our bees. Gathering eggs, and putting meat in the freezer, from our homestead animals, and from the hunting season. Harvesting the benefits of hard work and research, in a welcomed and concentrated effort to come alongside my holistic doctors to heal my body. Harvesting the knowledge in myself, my husband and my children, of good and healthy choices. And harvesting hope. Hope that each day will bring me, and our family closer to a time of full healing. For my health affects my whole family. I strive to heal my body not only for myself, but for the ones I love. God willing, one day I will be healthy and whole, and there will be great rejoicing! I know I will have that in Heaven, and my prayer is that I will live it on this earth as well.

I am the wife to the most wonderful husband and father in the world, the mother of three beautiful, amazing children that like to keep me running. I love creating in the kitchen, whether its food or candles, lotion, or play dough. I also love reading, baths, hiking and being with my family and friends. We live in Wyoming and yes, its cold! Most of the year. I make all of our food from scratch, both out of enjoyment and for health reasons. The way we eat could be labeled “traditional,” or “real food.” My husband is the gardener and beekeeper of the family, thank goodness. I look at a plant and it dies. So I leave it to the Hubs, and I enjoy the benefits -greatly. We love the Lord and strive to follow His will in all that we do. We mess up at times, but we are thankful He never gives up on us!

Most of what I share I have learned from researching on my own and talking to my doctors. I have no collage degree. I am not a nutritionist or a doctor and I make no claim otherwise. I am simply a wife and mother sharing the discoveries that work for me and my family.
I hope you find something fun and helpful, tasty or crazy on this blog that you can use to make your life a little brighter.