Breakout Busting Face Mask

This is my favorite face mask of all time. Whether I have one zit or the beginnings of a full fledged breakout, this mask is incredibly effective.

Bentonite Clay is the hero behind this acne riddled saga.  It’s pretty much a miracle worker. In the morning, if I see that my skin is less than stellar I will apply this clay mask. By the end of the day -and I kid you not- my face will look 80% better! Pimples are much smaller, and any redness is diminished. Cool-beans. I usually do one more in the evening if I need to, and by the next morning my skin is looking good once again.

You have a wedding or other important event coming up and your face is less clear than you’d like? Seriously – try this mask! It even helps with eczema!

If it’s a really bad breakout you can smear this goop on three times a day and you should see amazing results. I haven’t had to do that in a while, thanks to weekly mud applications, plus a real food diet. Nowadays my skin is usually fairly nice, with only the occasional small breakout, but when it does happen I always reach for the bentonite clay! I have noticed that my scars from past acne are fading, and that’s another reason I love my bentonite clay mask!

Bonus points because the clay is not very expensive, and one container will last a long time. Using this mask instead of the pricy toxin filled store bought ones will save you a lot of money!


Bentonite Clay Mask

1 Tablespoon Bentonite Clay find here

1 Tablespoon Apple cider vinegar find here

Mix the clay and vinegar together until it’s the consistency of yogurt. Do not use metal utensils. Rub all over your face or just the effected area. After a few minutes you will feel your face pulsing and maybe even tingling. Its pretty cool that you can actually feel it working! Wait ten minutes and then rinse off with very warm water. I like to mist my skin with rose water afterward, then apply a moisturizer in the form of my tallow balm, but neither is necessary. My tallow balm has made an obvious improvement to my skin as well, so I highly recommend it.


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