Delicious and Authentic AIP Tortillas

I have been AIP for the last six days and my stomach has not felt this good in a very, very long time. My pain level is slightly less, and I can visibly see my inflamation going down.  Hubby and kids are eating AIP too, although they still eat eggs. I appreciate their love and support on our journey together. And it is OUR journey. My being sick affects the whole family. So far it’s has not been too difficult to eat completely AIP, although I’m barely a week in, so I might be eating crow here in a few weeks! I think it helps that my diet has been pretty restrictive for a while now.  Anyway, I have been getting creative in the kitchen so as to keep our food choices from being boring and severally limited. These tortillas were born out of a need for evening carbs and a desire for ease. When I gave them (plain) to my kids, I expected a bit of negative feedback. Boy, was I surprised! Not one question, no asking why they tasted different or not very good or even if they were “real.” Nothing. Just, thanks! Can I have more please? I was thrilled. So I tasted them myself. Yeah, I’m terrible. They were the sacrificial tortilla testers, and didn’t even know it! They have the same texture as real tortillas, and an extremely close taste. We have a winner! My food world just got a little bit bigger – and better.

AIP Tortillas

1 c Ottos Cassava flour (Made from yuca) find here
1/3 c arrowroot powder find here
1/3 c tigernut flour find here
1/2 t salt
1/4 c melted coconut oil or lard or tallow

Mix all ingredients together. Form into six balls. Roll out between parchment paper and cook over medium heat on a dry skillet for 30-40 seconds on each side. The tortillas should bubble just like wheat ones. Cover each tortilla in a towel (I stack one on top of the other) and let rest for five minutes before eating. They freeze well. Enjoy! I mean that. These are a true joy!

** I have found that tigernut flour can be gritty, so I like to run it through my vitamix before using it. I find that this eliminates the problem completely.

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