DIY Makeup – Face Powder

I don’t usually wear much makeup, if any, but my skin tends to be a bit oily, so when I go into town I like to brush on some powder to control the shine. I have been making my own powder for about nine months now, and I’m very happy with it. Its yet another way to cut down on the toxins I’m being exposed to, and I can match my skin color exactly. These powder recipes are light and delicate. The powder does not clog your pores and washes off easily. It smells good, and is so natural you could sleep with it on!

There are probably many ways you could make face powder, but I am only going to share two with you today.

1. All spices. You will need:

Arrowroot powder find here
nutmeg (very finely ground)
cacao (or cocoa if you prefer)
bentonite clay  (or finely ground sage)
essential oils

Start with a base of arrowroot. I like to measure out about a tablespoon and add the rest of the spices in small amounts from there. Go slowly, and only add a tiny bit at a time testing as you go to find your perfect match. Your wrist is a good place to check. For my pale skin I use mostly arrowroot, nutmeg and ginger, with smaller amounts of bentonite and cacao. The bentonite is a nice “eraser” for any redness you might have in your skin tone. Mix any drops of essential oil after you have found your desired shade. Mix well. This will help the powder stick better. Make sure you write down the measurements you end up with so that next time you can quickly and easily whip up a batch.

My recipe for this one is:

2 T arrowroot powder
1 t nutmeg
1 t ginger
1/2 t cloves
1 t bentonite clay
1/2 t cacao powder

I mix all the spices and add about 5-6 drops essential oils, mix really well, and call it good. You will need to find the correct measurements for your skin tone, but its actually really easy.

2. My preferred method. Mica powders and Zinc Oxide:

Gold mica powder
Cacao or bronze mica powder
Bentonite clay or finely ground sage, but I have not tried the sage, so experiment. (this is to combat any redness on your skin)
Essental oils – optional
zinc oxide – optional, but helps control shine due to oily skin, as well as provides a bit more coverage, a lot like a foundation powder.
*Make sure you use non nano and un-coated if you decide to add zinc oxide! (Its also a natural SPF protector, so I use it in our sunscreen) 

Again, start with the arrowroot, and add from there. I like to use about 1 T arrowroot, 2 T zinc oxide, 1/2 t gold mica, 1 1/4 t cacao, 1 t bentonite clay, and 5-6 drops essential oils. This works nicely with my skin. Its light, and feels so silky smooth and fresh. No heavy, cakey, chemical laden powder here!

The mica powder and zinc tends to provide better coverage and lasts longer. The spice recipe lasts most of the day, but I feel the zinc powder sticks with you longer, with less shine.

Making your own face powder is really very simple, just play around with it and you will be surprised at how nice and light it feels compared to store bought, even natural organic ones that cost a fortune. I store my powder in a small mason jar and use a regular makeup brush to apply.

You can find mica powders on amazon, as well as the clay, zinc, arrowroot, and cacao powders.

Have fun experimenting!

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