Essential oils


Do you use essential oils?

My whole family does and we love them. My mother in law first introduced me to them when I had a gas can explode in my face. I suffered from 2nd and 3rd degree burns on my face, neck, hands, and my chest and arms were burned as well. Amazingly, my hair mostly survived… Anyway, my MIL brought lavender oil to the hospital and she applied it to my burns twice a day. When I got home from the hospital she stayed with us and took care of me while my hubby was at work, continuing to slather me in lavender oil twice a day. She left the bottle with us when she went home and I was able to take over. Two months later, (yes, TWO months) I was completely, 100%, incredibly, scar free! The doctors were amazed and kept exclaiming that something like that just doesn’t happen. Needless to say, after that Hubby and I were essential oil believers. Ten years later we are still using them. Hubby’s favorite oil is peppermint. Lavender is one of the main ones we use as is kind of the “cure all” of oils, but recently I used cypress oil on my pretty nasty hives (an allergic reaction to almond flour) and overnight they were 95% better! By the next night they were gone. I don’t think I will ever cease to be amazed by the uses and healing properties of essential oils.
There are several reputable brands out there that sell quality oils, but we use Young Living Oils. I do not think they are they only oil company out there that has worthwhile oils, but we were introduced to oils with this company and we have chosen to stay with them.

Last year we visited to Young Living head quarters and it was such a wonderful experience! There were shelves lined with oil after oil, all waiting to be smelled and appreciated. Mm! The fields of green and purple were just stunning. It started drizzling as we left and there was a rainbow over the lavender fields. Just gorgeous!

If you are an oil user, please tell me some of your favorite oils and how you use them in the comments! If not, I encourage you to check them out!

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