Gameschool. Its a thing. An awesome thing. You can take any subject you want to cover and find a game for it. I’m not kidding. How cool is that?! You could plan out an entire curriculum based solely on games, and Living Books! I like the sound of that! Doesn’t that sound like the best homeschool experience?? Talk about a fun education!

Skeptical? Ok, I understand, but stop and honestly think about how much you remember from playing a particular game. A surprising amount, right?  Our brains are hardwired to retain information learned through hands on, enjoyable experiences, and children have been showing us that since day 1. Its absolutely incredible what and how much they learn just through playing.

Fridays are designated as our Gameschool days, and I’m implementing more games during the rest of the week as well.   Jump on the homeschool bandwagon! You wont regret it!

Here are just a FEW games you can use as part of your homeschool, or gameschool, to supplement or even replace part of your curriculum. We either have the games on this list or they are in our wish list.


Math Games

Sum Swamp

Sums in Space

Prime Climb

Clumsy Thief


Telling Time game

Money Bags Counting game

Sequence Numbers



The Reading game

Happy Hats Bob books game

Sight Word Bingo

Zingo word builder game

Boggle Junior

Tell me a story

Rory’s story cubes


Scrabble Jr.


Mad Libs Jr.


Logic/Problem Solving

Shape Logic



Circuit Maze



Professor Noggins country’s of the world

Professor Noggins Ancient Civilizations

Professor Noggins American Revolution

Professor Noggins Medieval Times

Brain Box History

Scrambled States


Brain Box The World



Professor Noggins Earth Science

Science Explosion game

Totally Gross

Gravity Maze

Dr. Eureka


The list doesn’t stop here. There are sooooo many more out there! There’s even activity games, and art games.  Are you a gameschooler? Would you like to be? What are some of your favorite games to play?

*TIP. You can find many of these games and more at yard sales and second hand stores!


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