How to Butcher a Chicken Part – 3 (Bagging and Sealing)

This is the final step in butchering your chickens. In Part 1 and 2 we showed you how to cut the artery, scald, de-feather, and an efficient way of processing (gutting) your chicken. In our last video of this series we demonstrate how to seal your chicken in a tight heat shrink bag for a professional finish. Our meat birds are Cornish Cross and they taste great! The birds in the videos we have shown you are about 9 weeks old and between 5-6 lbs.

I hope we have helped you to see how easy it is to take care of your own meat, for a faction of the cost of taking it to a shop. This is a satisfying and fulfilling part of sustainable living.  Now go fill your freezer full of healthy nutrient dense meat! If you only have a small piece of property or live in a neighborhood with a small lot, if you are allowed chickens, even a few – its still a very cost effective way of providing meat for your family.

Also- The water is very hot! Please use heat resistant gloves! (This is one of those ” do what I say, not what I do,” situations.) Can you tell I’m a parent?

The heat shrink bags we use can be found here.

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