Inflammation Fighting Tea Cubes

Stress can come in many different forms. Busy schedules, illness, allergies, not getting enough sleep, pregnancy, physical work, ect. One of the ways our bodies respond to stress is a self defense mechanism called inflammation. Inflammation can show up in many different ways, and its never enjoyable.  Personally, it causes my hands and feet to swell, stomach pain, breakouts, water retention, body wide pain, and sometimes hair loss.

Because of my mold poisoning and Chiari Malformation, high amounts of inflammation is something I struggle with on a daily basis.  That’s where this ginger lemon tea comes in. I suppose it’s not technically tea per say, but I like to call it that.

Ginger has been used for centuries as a remedy for:


improved digestion
increasing metabolism
lowering blood pressure
an antioxidant agent,
boosting the immune system
and more.


Benefits of Lemon:

good source of vitamin C
promotes hydration
aids digestion
improves skin
helps prevent kidney stones
freshens breath
and more

I can personally attest to its incredibly powerful ant-inflammatory properties! My pain level improves, my swelling is greatly reduced, my digestion is much better, and I’m not as cold when I ingest this tea every day. I can visibly see the difference! It tastes great, too. This recipe makes enough for a dozen cups of tea, in a convenient little cube.


Ginger Lemon Tea cubes

Chunk of fresh ginger roughly the size of your hand
1 whole lemon, washed and cut in half.
1 cup water

Rinse the ginger and break it into pieces. Put the ginger and the two lemon halves in a blender or food processor. I used my Vitamix.  Add the water. Puree until smooth. Pour the mixture through a strainer. Spoon the juice into an ice cube tray. Freeze the ginger lemon juice. When its frozen pop a cube out and add it to a cup of hot water.

I love how convenient these little cubes are! Anytime I want a cup of ginger lemon tea I can simply grab a cube from the freezer and add hot water. Its so quick and easy.

*I’ve also used these as ice cubes in a glass of water. So refreshing!




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