Did you know that 80% of people are deficient in magnesium and don’t even realize it?


Our bodies depend on magnesium for hundreds of functions, but we are often sadly lacking. Our soil and water have been depleted due to all the chemicals that are being poured out in horrifying amounts, so it is harder than ever for us to have sufficient levels without supplementing.

The whole family takes magnesium daily. If I slack off for a few days I can see a difference in both myself and my children. Especially in our quality of sleep. I have less headaches, less pain, and my dizziness due to low blood pressure is much improved.

We take it in a powder form called Natural Calm.  You can find it here. Its fizzy, which we don’t like, but I’m sure some people would enjoy that. I usually just mix it with some water and keep stirring till it stops bubbling. For the kids I just put it in their smoothies and its undetectable, although it has a nice raspberry lemon flavor that’s not unpleasant. I take it three times a day.


– More important than calcium! It gives rigidity and flexibility to your bones 

– Regulates blood pressure

– stops kidney stone from forming and dissolves the ones that are already formed 

– Prevents osteoporosis

– Helps provide a more restful sleep

– Helps prevent congestive heart failure

– Treats cluster and migraine headaches

– Improves circulation

– Lessens fibromyalgia and chronic pain

–  Helps with weight loss

– Helps prevent muscle cramps and spasms

– Treats asthma and emphysema

– Helps produce proteins

– Keeps you “regular”

– Allows your body to absorb Vitamin D

– Assists in  proper digestion of carbohydrates

– Could be a preventative for many cancers

– Lessens or removes ADD or ADHD in children

– Helps with body odor 

– Plus literally hundreds more!

* Epsom salts baths are another way to increase your magnesium levels. This is a good option for kids. A nice warm salt bath before bed is a great way to encourage sleep! 

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