Morocco Method – Holistic Hair Care at it’s Best!


I have been no poo for severeal years now. In my quest for keeping toxins in our house to a minimum I ditched the commercial hair products. I started with the popular baking soda and vinegar wash, and it worked for a while…. Until my hair started falling out and my scalp became a mass of flakes.  I realized that baking soda was too harsh for our scalps pH level. So began the experimenting. I tried many, many different methods and recipes before I finally found a couple that really work, not just with my hair but for my family as well. I absolutely love my rye flour and mustard/egg no poo recipes! Both those recipes leave my hair clean, soft, and shiny, and I have no plans to stop using them.

BUT….. what about when you travel? Or you want to switch things up for a while? Or maybe you don’t want to bother with having to mix up a batch of “shampoo” every time you take a shower…

While I have no problem mixing my hair cleansing goop up every time, when it comes to traveling it’s not so easy. That’s when I like to pull out Morocco Method Shampoo. It’s holistic hair care at its best. Morocco Method products are 100% pure, toxin free, raw, vegan, paleo, and wild crafted. They are incredible! I often rotate their products into my family’s washing routine even when we are not traveling because I love them so much!

They have five different shampoos and their correlating conditioners, each with unique qualities. They are designed to Lengthen, Strengthen, Beautify, Thicken, and to target Root Work. These are the five shampoo’s and I can personally testify that they live up to their name! Morocco also offers detoxing clays for hair masks, boar bristle brushes, styling products, and more. Plus, all the products I have used smell wonderful.

I use their styling gel to tame my son’s insanely stubborn cowlick and it totally does the job like nothing else I have tired!

Another product that I have been using lately is their Henna dye. My hair is bound and determined to grey. I knew it was coming. My illness has, unfortunately, predisposed me to this and I’m just thankful I held off for this long. Now, I could go down this road gracefully, or I can fake it. I choose the second option thank you very much!


The awesome thing about Morocco Method Henna is that it not only doesn’t cause any damage, it actually improves your hair quality! It’s so conditioning, plus it deep cleans your hair and add so much shine and volume – I love it! Honestly, I would use the Neutral (colorless) Henna even if I didn’t want to change my color,  just to reap the benefits! The color lasts a long time and doesn’t fade in a weird way. It’s easy to apply with a smooth texture similar to greek yogurt.

You can check out Morocco Method here.


While the links are affiliate links, (I appreciate your support) this post is not sponsored. I am very impressed with Morocco Method and I love to share holistic products that REALLY work, and that I personally use and love!



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