Oil pulling

Oil pulling??


No, I’m not talking about grabbing a jar of oil and dragging it around the house on a leash…. Although that would give my kids a good laugh! I’m talking about that time of day where I walk around with my mouth full of oil, going, “Mmhmm… Umm, humm….. Mm, mm!” While pointing and shaking my head or nodding and looking and sounding like an idiot… My kids love to imitate me… They think it’s hilarious.
Yep, oil pulling is just gently swishing oil around in your mouth for about 20 minutes. Most people use coconut or sesame oil. When I first started doing this I was grossed out by the feel of solid coconut oil in my mouth. (I have a thing about having a mouthful of fat. It’s a texture issue.) To remedy this problem I just melted the oil first. But let’s back up for a sec…,

Why on earth would you want to swish oil in your mouth!? Well, allow me to clear things up a bit….

Oil pulling is a time honored and gentle way of detoxing. Its known to reduce plaque, reveres cavities, help fight gingivitis, removes oral toxins and bacteria  lymph system, pull congestion from your sinuses and detoxes your lymph system and liver. Oil pulling can also help with migraines, eczema, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, asthma, heart and kidney disease, leukemia, arthritis, acne, seasonal allergies, ect…. It whitens teeth natural as well, which I love. My mouth feels incredibly clean after oil pulling. It is also a proven remedy in healing cavities naturally. We have remineralized several!

How to oil pull –

Use a high quality oil. Some people use sesame but I prefer extra virgin coconut oil. Do NOT use vegetable oils! The recamended amount is one tablespoon, but a bit less than that is fine. Swish the oil gently in your mouth for 15-20 minutes first thing in the morning before eating. Spit the oil in the trash, not the sink as it will clog the pipes. Do NOT swallow the oil. You have pulled all kinds of toxins and nasty stuff from your mouth and the last thing you want to do it swallow it. Rinse well with warm water or saltwater. Brush as normal and go about your day. For chronic conditions it might be helpful to pull up to three or four times a day between meals.
You can add essential oils or activated charcoal to your oil to enhance the detoxification effects if you desire.

Oil pulling is simple and easy. A good time to do it is in the shower or as you go about getting ready for the day as it helps to pass the time. Your jaw might be a little sore when you first start but that will soon pass. You might also notice that your jaw line is firmer after a while.

You can get coconut oil here

Have you ever oil pulled? Tell me about your experience in the comments! 🙂

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