Overnight Raspberry Lemon Superfood Pudding

Mama, I’m hungry!
Ok, you can have this, this, or this.
No, thanks. I don’t want that. Can I have something else?

Ever had a similar conversation with your kids? Or how about those rushed school/work mornings when you wish you had something fast and easy to just toss on the table?
This pudding makes a delicious breakfast or after school snack that most kids will love. I would not recommend it for after dinner because the chia seeds provides such an energy boost! Its quick and easy to whip it up the night before and in the morning breakfast is already done. I rarely get a “No thanks, I don’t want that” when I offer this. That’s my kind of meal!

Its so pretty!

Raspberry Lemon Pudding

2 c greek yogurt, plain (or raw cream or coconut milk, full fat)
2 T lemon juice
1 c raspberries fresh or frozen
2 T raw honey or maple syrup
1 T collagen
1 t natural calm magnesium powder find here
1/4 c chia seeds find here
1/4 t Himalayan salt

(I often like to switch the lemon juice for melted cacao butter for a white chocolate flavor… Mmm!) Also, if you are not a fan of the texture of the seeds, you can find them in a blender first.

Mix all the ingredients together in a mason jar and refrigerate overnight. In the morning give it a quick stir and serve. My kids can (and do) make this on their own. Something that easy is pretty much mandatory in my kitchen!

Now, this pudding is really very tasty, and we love the simplicity and convenience of it, but I also love the added bonus of all the crazy healthiness going on! Lets break it down…

– Chia seeds – rich in fiber, omega 3’s, calcium, protein, antioxidants, aids in physical performance, ect…

– Magnesium – important for sleep, muscles and muscle cramps, bones, regulates blood pressure, helps make proteins, helps digest carbs, keeps you regular, lowers serum cholesterol, ect…

– Collagen – supports skin, nails and hair, energy, improves digestion, helps with sleep, good for joints, ect…

– Himalayan Salt – regulates blood pressure and sugar, energy boost, regulates hormones, digestion aid, ect…

Of course fruit is good for you, especially berries, and raw honey is also a superfood. Homemade, sugar free, yogurt great for all those good bugs in our bellies.

So… what I’m saying, is that this pudding gives you energy during the day, is ridiculously good for you, and helps you sleep at night…? AND it tastes great?
Yes, I am.
So, go make it! (and save some for the family… or not…)   😉

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