Real Food Rainbow Pancake Bites

Rainbow pancakes are so fun!


This is a fun, healthy recipe that is great for anytime. Think – lunchboxes, snacks, breakfast, mini sandwiches, stick large toothpicks in them to make “Popsicle’s”, (I’ve done this, and they work great!) dip them in a cream cheese, or fruit mixture, applesauce, ect…. They freeze, defrost, and travel beautifully, and are easy to whip up.
I do not use artificial food coloring, but these would work just as well with natural food coloring, just mixed in with your pancake batter. The only drawback is that they would be missing the extra nutrient boost from the fruit and veggies, but if you are in a hurry, natural food dye,  would still provide your little one with a fun treat.

Rainbow Pancakes
1 recipe for pancakes  (gluten, grain free, or regular wheat. Whatever fits your needs) I used soaked and sprouted spelt flour for my pancakes.
Orange – puree two large carrots, raw or cooked
Red/Pink – 1 cup strawberries, plus 1 small steamed beet – pureed
Green – half a large zucchini or 1 small one, plus two large handfuls spinach, steamed and pureed
Purple –  1 c blueberries and/or blackberries, plus 1/2 c elderberries, raw and pureed
Mix the dry ingredients together and separate it evenly into four bowls. Mix the wet pancake ingredients together, except for the liquid called for in your recipe, and divide it evenly into the four bowls of dry ingredients. Do not stir yet. Replace the amount of liquid in the pancake recipe with the puree, adding a a different one to each bowl. Mix each bowl into a batter. You want the batter to be slightly thicker than normal, so make sure to compensate for that. This will ensure that they don’t spread out too much while cooking. Proceed with frying your pancakes as normal. I like to use a spoon to drop small amounts of thick batter on the skillet so that they end up around 1 1/2 – 2 inches in diameter.
** I usually make a quadruple batch at once. I use four bowls and make a single batch of pancakes in each bowl. I don’t have to worry about dividing anything up evenly and it also cuts down on the dishes. This makes it very easy to add the purees evenly and also gives me extra to freeze for later. I love being able to pull these bites out for lunches and snacks. These rainbow pancakes are also great finger food for toddlers. They are the perfect size for little hands.
*** So, really, just make four different pancake batters in four bowls, and replace the liquid called for with a puree!  Its much less confusing that way!
**** The puree amounts called for above with be plenty for a quadruple batch…
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