Soaking Rice

Remember how we talked about the fact that soaking and sprouting your grains, nuts and seeds was they way to go? Well, here is a quick look at how to apply that to your life… or dinner.

Rice. Its easy, filling and can be a nice addition to many meals. But how do you soak it before cooking it?

The great thing about this is that unless you are using the rice for a specific recipe, you don’t have to measure. Just dump. I’m all about not measuring ingredients. So, take a bowl and pour your rice in. Add your acidic medium. This could be vinegar, whey, yogurt, lemon juice, or sour cream. I like to use whey. Just a small spoonful will do. Cover the rice with water by a couple inches and leave it for about 8 hours. So, if you want rice for supper, just do this in the morning. When its time to cook the rice, rinse it out in a strainer and put in a saucepan. Pour in water just until the rice is barely covered. Put the lid on and simmer for about 15 minutes or until done.

Its just that easy. All it takes is planning, and lets face it – most of us could use more practice with that!  It really helps to have a menu planned for the week/month.

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