Soap Nuts for the dishwasher!

Super inexpensive dishwashing detergent!

Dirty dishes never stop! Somehow they just keep on piling up…. My minons definitely help clean and wash, but they also contribute in excessive amounts to the mountainous terrain that shoots up majestically towards the sky, day after day… Or not quite so majestically…. And that’s why I could have kissed my new dishwasher in my new kitchen!  (well, new to me, anyway!)

BUT….. while I love the idea and convenience of tossing dirty dishes in a box and pulling them out clean, I do NOT love the idea of even more chemicals in my house! So, of course, I went to work creating my own dish washing liquid. First, I made up a batch of detergent that used lemons, salt and water. It was fairly easy, and worked pretty well. I was happy with it. But over time, it became just one more thing I needed to make in my life of all things DIY….sigh…. I was mulling this over one day while doing laundry, (another dreaded task) and it hit me. Soap nuts! I do my laundry with soap nuts, why not my dishes too??

I experimented and was so excited by the results that I had to share it with you! This is so easy, you guys! Saves a lot of money, too, which really, is  reason enough right there to make this switch!

I order my soap nuts from Amazon and they come in a muslin bag with a small bag inside along with the nuts. I put three soap nuts in the little bag and placed it in the soap dispenser and closed it. I washed the dishes on a normal setting and when they came out they were sparkling, squeaky clean! Perfect! No oily, greasy residue, no food, no water marks, just clean dishes. I have tested this many times now, and the results are always the same. You will still need to treat your dishes as you normally wouldd, rinsing before hand, of course. These nuts are not miracle workers! But they do clean just as well, if not better than store bought detergent, and you don’t have to worry about all kinds of chemicals left on your plates and bowls.

The first time I tried this I called my husband at work and told him all about it. I have never been so excited to do dishes in my life! He was very sweet and supportive about it, but a bit skeptical. Not anymore! These tiny little berries really work!

The soap nuts can be reused several times before they become mushy and are no longer viable. Did I mention it saves a ton of money? I really like that part!

Soap nuts –

Cheap -y- cheap
All natural – chemical free

Honestly, whats not to love??
Try it and let me know what you think!

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