Veggie Pate and Spread (AIP friendly)

I recently saw a kale pate spread on the internet somewhere, not sure where, but it looked so good that I immediately wanted to try it. The problem was that it contained seeds and/or nuts. Seeds and nuts are not allowed on AIP, and while I’m through the initial stage and am slowly adding more things back in, I’m being very cautious with those two food groups. So, I started brainstorming about creating my own veggie spread. I’m so pleased with the results and I hope you are too. This spread is amazing on all kinds of meats and veggies. My kids like dipping sliced carrots and cucumbers in it. Vegetables, are so very crucial, and it can be hard to get enough in each day. This pate spread has really helped me with that. It packs a ton of veggies in a small serving. Plus, it tastes so good, that I want to put it on everything! (Well, maybe not peaches, or apples…. Or blueberry pie…You get the gist of it, I’m sure)

I love how super nourishing it is!  Its cram packed with healthy fat, mineral rich salt, and tons of veggies. So, go make it!

Veggie Pate Spread

6 c kale, steamed
3 c spinach, steamed
1 medium/large zucchini
1 bunch green onions (about 8)
1 large head of cauliflower broken into florets
1 T Himalayan Pink Salt find here
1 t garlic powder
1/4 c avocado oil find here
2/3 c coconut oil find here

Steam the kale, spinach and cauliflower until soft. The kale will take less time than the cauliflower. Roughly chop the zucchini, and green onions and dump them in a blender. Add all the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth. The mixture might be a bit runny, but will firm up slightly in the fridge. My spread has never lasted us more than two weeks before we gobble it all up, so I’m not sure how long it will stay good for, but its at least two weeks.


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